Humanity is Religion

The rules of Sustainable Humanity is Sanatan Dharma

What is Yoga :

As often misunderstood, that Yoga is some physical stretch excercises, but thats just a small part of the true yoga.
Here is the true and summarized understanding of Yoga.
 Shandilya Upanishad states:

  1. Eight Angas (consituents) of Yoga are: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dahrana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. When we follow all of them we follow true process of Yoga, and that in turn leads to true union with ultimate truth, the 'Prama Purusha'.
  2. Ten Yamas (forbearance in behaviours) are: Ahimsa (non violence by mind, body and speech), Satya (truth that is conducive to well being), Asteya (non-covetous of others property), Brahmacharya (Celibacy), Daya (Kindliness), Arjava (practicing equanimity by mind, body and speech), Kshama (forgivingness), Dhriti (firmness of mind towards actions or projects), Mitahara (having sweet and satwic food ¾ stomach, leaving 1/4th empty) and Shauca (cleansing of body and mind).
  3. Ten Niyama (religious observances) are: Tapas (emancipation by penance), Santosa (contentment), Astikya (faith in actions dedicated to God), Dana (Donations that serves the purpose), Iswarpujanam (Worshiping God in faith), Siddhant sravana (Internalizing the principles and virtues from Vedanta or sciences), Hrih (shame felt in sick-actions), Mati (applying intelligence to actions prescribed in Vedas, such as understanding true purpose of Yagya,,Yagya is not just worshiping aroung altar of fire meaninglessly but with dhyeya of organized actions or Projects), japa (chanting mantras), Vrata (regular observance Or abstinence of specific actions).
  4. Eight Asanas are categorized as: Swatika (each feet between thigh and knee of other), Gomukha (hollow of each feet under posterior of other), Padma (Insteps on top of thighs), Vira (At ease placing a foot underneath thigh and another above thigh), Simha (pressignt he right side of thigh with the hollow of left heel and vice versa), Bhadra (placing two ankles firmly against sivini, and knees together), Mukta (pressing left heel to the right of sivini and vice versa) and Mayura (Peacock shape) lie on stomach and raise head with palms pressing ground and elbows touching stomach). Apart from this Siddha (pressing the perineum by left heel, and right heel above genitals, concentrating mind between eyebrows)
  5. Pranayam is the union of Prana & Apana done in Padma position is of 3 kinds: Inspiration (purak meditating on A-16 matras), Cessation (Kumbhaka meditating on U-64 matras) and Expiration (Rechaka meditating on M-32 matras), Cessation are of two kind, coupled with Inspiration and expiration is ‘Sahita’, Devoid of it is ‘kevala’.
  6. Five Pratyahara are, drawing away from Five senses of attractions and such self control is Pratyahar. Renouncing the fruits fo action, and introspecting Atmana within is also Pratyahar.
  7. Dharana are of three kinds – Fixing mind in atmana, Brining in external space into the space within heart, Contemplating on five elements- earth, apas (water), fire, vayu (air), and space.
  8. Dhyana is of two kinds: Saguna (the images with attributes) and Nirguna (realizing the Purusha within)
  9. Samadhi is the Yoga of Jivatma with the Pramaatman – communion of Knower, the known and the knowledge without differentiating three of them.
  10. Fourteen principal Nadis (nerves) are: Ida, pingla, Susmuna, Saraswati, Varuni, Pusa. Hastijihva,Yasasvini, Visvodhari, Kuhuh, Sankhini, Payasvini, Alambusa and Gandhari. Susumna is the path of salvation.
  11. Ten vayus, that control physical performance of body are: Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana, Vyana, Naga, Kurma, Krakra, Devadatta and Dhanajya.
  12. By Yoga one can control the 14 nadis and 10 vayus, thus ascending towards path of Salvation gradually. Visit
Om Tat Sat - Om, Only that is truly divine (whose reflection breeds humanity in actions)
 Om, the source of intertwined cosmic physics and metaphysics is the only truth. Rest are the morphs within (Note the science of metaphysics is not yet discovered, but as per scriptures its roots lies in behaviour, and thus derives the rules of sustainable humanity - so called Religion). May be the search of God particle, the massless property less Higgs Boson shall explain the connectivity between Physics and Metaphysics, and thus the relationship of Humanity to cycles of destruction and re-creations.