Humanity is Religion

The rules of Sustainable Humanity is Sanatan Dharma

What is Brahman?

In scriptures Brahman is used for different notations:
1. Brahman is that Parma brahma that encapsulates all the mateiral and metaphysical worlds, denoted by syllable Aum or Om
2. Brahman is used for the individual who is highly educated, thinker, erudite and knows well what True Brahman is, thus detached to material worlds but self-lessly devoted to society and engaged for the betterment of mankind, leading them to peace and Harmony. This is why the kings believed on their Brahman Advisors. Brahman is not about upper castes as we see in society today. To be a Brahman one has to be pure at heart, still at Mind, sthit pragya, and extremely knowledgeable erudite. Sacrifice for the masses is key to be a Brahman.
Om Tat Sat - Om, Only that is truly divine (whose reflection breeds humanity in actions)
 Om, the source of intertwined cosmic physics and metaphysics is the only truth. Rest are the morphs within (Note the science of metaphysics is not yet discovered, but as per scriptures its roots lies in behaviour, and thus derives the rules of sustainable humanity - so called Religion). May be the search of God particle, the massless property less Higgs Boson shall explain the connectivity between Physics and Metaphysics, and thus the relationship of Humanity to cycles of destruction and re-creations.