Humanity is Religion

The rules of Sustainable Humanity is Sanatan Dharma
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Q & A

1. Why is the site using the word 'Sustainable' while 'Sanatan actually means Eternal?

Ans: Good question, thanks for noticing this. You are right that Sanatan means Eternal, but what does it signify to human life of earth? it trickles down to 'sustainable' in human context. Religions is after all for humans alone. the science may be another fact. Indian Seers put together Sanatan Dharma as science of entire cosmos including its. physical and metaphysical constituents. As you hear in mythologies, that Rudra's 100 day is equal to Brahma's one day. Brahma's 100 day is equal to Vishnu's 1 day,and Vishnu's 100 days equal to Shiva's 1 day. Note that this is not just the stories of the gods, Actually they represent solar systems, galaxies, and cosmic dark matters - Today's science predicts that there could be upto 500 billion galaxies, each having billions number of stars. These starts and galaxies form like dwarfs and go through a life of red dwarfs , white dwarfs etc, and then get destroyed. This is an eternal process denoted by Brahman, the cosmic container of all, and symbolized by Om (AUM). But this si the scientific part of Sanatan Dharma encoded into godified stories and mythologies-which are yet to be re-interpreted and re-discovered, if we want to move from 'blind' Bhakti yoga to 'Gyan yoga'. In the human context eternal gets transformed to Sustanaible, because human life forms are not eternal truly. One day it will be terminated, may be a hundred million years later, but it will. Sanatan Dharma will exist as a science but not recognized as a religion by humans, then. Today we realize it as a religion, and therefore the rules of Sanatan Dharma as indicated in Srimad Bhagwad gita connote to 'Sustainability of mankind, where Dharma as Behaviours ensures lasting peace and harmony, i.e. hence the world sustainable Humanity is preferred to directly relate to people.

1. Why is Sanatan Dharma declared as Mother religion in the site? is it secular and not proselytism?

Ans: Yes it is a mother religion due to many similarities with other religion and being the most ancient at the same time. And it is secular as well as none of its teaching corresponds to specific Gods, but refers to the science of cosmos and human behaviours. Santan Dhamra is about the science of cosmic physics and metaphysics, as envisioned by the Seers, Rishis through deep meditation. Today's scientific knowledge is only verifying the same phenomenon in rather more detailed due to advanced equipment. but its a miracle to anticipate those scientific facts thousands of year ago, when even the written materials were not available and sruti was the method of learning by hearing. to retain scientific philosophies, the concepts and phenomenon were converted into mythological stories. Which in turn developed as Bhakti yoga as well, but not For Gyan yogi's who tend to discover the hidden codes of knowledge in those mythologies. Having said that one can see lot of such similar mythological stories in other religious books, Know that Santan Dharma is the most ancient of all the living and even dead religions of the world, and hence there is a very likely chances of the migration of such stories to other part of worlds where they change the names of character to suit the local popular names for easy understanding. Another aspect is the socio-psychological analysis provided in Srimad Bhagwad Gita (SBG) or other Scriptures of Sanatan Dharma about human behaviours is unique and extensively detailed. Just like all the colours are formed by RGB three basic colours, the human behaviour is a combination of Sattwa, Rajas, and Tamas in varying proportions. This is true for all sects and all societies in the globe. Even other principles such as classification of society by their basic qualities so as to utilize their calibre to the best and benefit the society to the most, is also true all over the globe where we have selection procedure for a particular job and studies. Embodiment of the natural phenomenon for easy explanation was the style of teaching and preaching those days. Lord kritsna stated himself as Aham kritsnam(the complete and perfect due to multiple expertise he possessed. he was the best Yogi of his time)  and he goes on to meditation mode while explaining Arjuna the science of cosmos and its predetermined ways through cause and effect models, he embodies himself as Brahmana for easy explanation only and thus displays Brahman's cosmic form through his own presence - a yogic vision was given to Arjuna to see, this, others could not. This way he only wanted to emphasize how the world will turn up as the events unfolds through actions of Dharma or Adharma. His language of 'I' is symbolic and does not connote to proselytism. Note that all this stories are found in other religion with different names, Gabriel in Islam or Noah, Moses, Abraham, Samuel - all have had a great vision of God. Yet another similarity is the divine behaviours as suggested in SBG are found in most other religion, including the concepts of detachment, self-control, fight for Dharma (crusade or Jihad)  etc are all common codes. How is it possible to have so much similarity in religions. Knowing well, the Sanatan Dharm was the oldest of religions migrated to rest of the world and got localized with change of names of characters. Last but not the least, the extent of details and analysis in SBG is massive which no other religion could imitate completely. Hence Sanatan Dharam seems to be the Mother of World's religion, and also secular given the general facts it contains.