Humanity is Religion

The rules of Sustainable Humanity is Sanatan Dharma

Our Mission

  1. We think that the biggest issue on earth is wrong interpretations of religions and lack of its education and promotion. The purpose of religions seems to be common all over world, but still there seems to be a war on personalized gods, rather than realizing religions as the quest for sustainable humanity and that's what the Sanatan Dharma means. In order to avoid preferential treatment to religions we tend to be secular and have rather shun also a humanistic approach from our social and corporate lives. Srimad Bhagwad Gita (SBG) is a secular science of human behaviours, values, duties and trend-setting for future generations. It finds its contents and bits and pieces in almost all religions of the world. We need to add education curriculum that teaches religion's snapshot based on its true meaning rather than the practised religions, which are often wrong. Truth is most prophets discovered humanity as religion, but we got strayed. Now, we need to re-discovers its true potential. This would be first attempt to correct aberrations in most minds as intents in actions are purified resulting in added strength in fighting ills in all walks of life, be it ISIL type of terrorism, or economic discrepancies, poverty, political cheats, or unethical business practices etc.

  2. Sanatan Dharm also explains in its own intrigue way the deeper sciences of Physics, which is being re-discovered by today's sciences gradually -but yet to be discovered a lot. SBG could be a very good source and guide to direct sciences in right direction.

  3. SBG's most important contribution is it's description of metaphysical science and its marriage to physical world. Whether it is big bang or big crunch theories of nothingness to everything and vice versa -all are mentioned in Sanatan Dharma and SBG. Unfortunately the reality metaphysics is yet to be recognized, discovered and accepted by physicists today. Hope Higgs Bososn discovery my provide clue to the connection of physical and metaphysical worlds.

  4. Astrologies have been drastically misunderstood, We wish to collect a million dataset (ideally a billion required) and run a multivariate statistical simulations to create its worthy meaning, if so any. This would require upto ten years to collect data set, verify and purify the data and then regress them using a high fidelity Specifically designed simulator, with an objective to find the patterns associated to group of constellations at the time of birth with 95% confidence limits. If the project succeeds it will be the biggest breakthrough and the simulator will be considered as first scientific astrological predictor. This will have tremendous benefit to mankind, as the efforts can be put in right direction with right association. Lot of funds required for this to happen.

  5. last but not the least, we dream to have one human religion, and one human ethics all over the world. triguna's in SBG and its definition of Dharma based on priorities, span of affected generations , people, cultures, individuals etc, it is possible to have one common human ethical code and way of life (if not termed as religion).

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Om Tat Sat - Om, Only that is truly divine (whose reflection breeds humanity in actions)
 Om, the source of intertwined cosmic physics and metaphysics is the only truth. Rest are the morphs within (Note the science of metaphysics is not yet discovered, but as per scriptures its roots lies in behaviour, and thus derives the rules of sustainable humanity - so called Religion). May be the search of God particle, the massless property less Higgs Boson shall explain the connectivity between Physics and Metaphysics, and thus the relationship of Humanity to cycles of destruction and re-creations.